Appearance and Exhibitions

America’s Billiards Star

Our society is enamored with billiards. It is part of our culture and every generation or so, the public anoints one personality as the American pool-playing icon.

The hustling mystique of Minnesota Fats. . . Gave way to the smooth easy style of Willie Mosconi . . . And then to the brashness of Steve Mizerak.

Now, America has embraced the poise, beauty and deadly grace of The Black Widow.

“An absolute show stopper. She was the star at our U. S. Open party filled with Donald Trump, Carson Daly, David Duval and other celebrities.” ~Golf Digest Companies
“One of the truest stars anywhere on television.”  ~ Rolling Stone
“Jeanette Lee is a natural, like Wayne Gretzky, Babe Ruth, or Michael Jordan…” ~David Brenner, comedian/actor/owner of Amsterdam Billiard Clubs of NYC

Jeanette Lee the Black Widow, arguably the most famous pool player in the world, is also celebrated as one of the premier athletic entertainers in the industry.

An exceptional celebrity, Jeanette is available for entertainment and public speaking engagements, exhibitions and demonstrations. The Black Widow has the ability to cajole your guests into her unforgettable web of artistry, cunning, and skill in the game of pool, making any private event an enduring memory.

“Mastery of the game and stunning beauty aside, Jeanette Lee’s interaction with our crowd was one of perfectly blended familial warmth and sassy showmanship! When allowed to read the crowd and determine the flow of the evening’s events, her choices were impeccable and the air in the room crackled with the anticipation of her next move. More than a week later we are still getting feedback about how our event was the talk of the conference and, by far, the most entertaining! We will create opportunities in the future just to work with Jeanette again!” ~ Sherril Harris, Linde 
“Jeanette delivers pure entertainment in her very unique style and manner that keep people coming back for more!” ~ Jeff Urban, Gatorade
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