Corporate Entertainment Event

An Atypical Corporate Entertainment Event

Jeanette Lee’s Black Widow Entertainment Package is a customizable solution to accommodate a variety of special events.

  • Impressive Trick Shot Presentation
  • Instructional Session on Basic Pool Fundamentals
  • Question & Answer Segment
  • Challenges, Games and Matches with Audience Members
  • Autograph Session
  • Public Speaking

A Black Widow Press Kit is provided to clients to assist in the promotion of the event. Additional promotional items are made available specifically for private events, including:

  • Cueballs
  • Photographs
  • Posters
  • “The Black Widow’s Guide to Killer Pool”
  • Miniature Promotional Cues
  • Regular Cues
  • Baseball Caps

Click here to view photographs of past corporate entertainment events.


Requirements for a private Black Widow event include:

Professionally Leveled Pool Table with Clean or New Felt – (Preference: 4 ½ x 9 or 4 x 8 foot pool table with green or blue Simonis worsted cloth and large pockets for more impressive play and wider variety of trick shots.)

Additional Requirements:

  • Six feet clearance around pool table
  • Three sides surrounded with chair/bleachers
  • Enough room at pool table corners for standing photographers
  • Place high-boy and chairs/stools (high table with two stools/chairs) at one end of pool table
  • Pool Balls – Newly Cleaned (Preference: Belgium Aramith)
  • Triangle (Preference: Wooden)
  • Chalk – Quantity: Five Pieces (Preference: Blue ‘Masters’)
  • Standard Pool Cues – Quantity: Three
  • Bridge or Bridgehead – Plastic
  • A Single Assistant (Mostly for Racking Balls When Playing Challengers)
  • Wireless Headset or Clip-on Microphone
  • Secured Dressing Room for Belongings
  • Bottled Water – Minimum Six Bottles
  • Quality Lighting
  • Lively Music – Low Volume


For pricing and scheduling availability please contact:

Teddy Bloch at Octagon

Goto Top