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Moving to Orlando

Wow! What a whirlwind! We just made an offer on a house and it’s really ice. My husband and I went to Orlando with my good friend and soon to be business partner, Rolando Aravena, last week to look at houses and we found the perfect one. It’s great because I may get to work in Orlando rather than traveling all the time and even when I do, there will be more nonstop flights. I will greatly greatly miss the friends we have made in Indianapolis,though. It’s such a beautiful city with so much warmth and love. I have the […]

New Routine

So I’m just coming off stomach surgery and it feels like it’s never gonna heal. This is really bothersome because alot of my motivation and strength comes from working out every day and I haven’t been able to go to the gym in a while and I feel like it affects my mood and attitude. I am starting to play pool at 6 am. Never in my life did I think I would wake up at 6 am and play pool, but at my friend Rolando’s suggestion, it’s a way to guarantee myself time to play pool, before the day […]

Jeanette Lee Upcoming Public Appearances

Jeanette Lee will be making multiple appearances in the coming weeks. From June 25th through the 29th she will be participating in the WPBA Great Lakes Classic at Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana. Tickets and additional information can be found at On Wednesday July 2nd, Jeanette will continue her tour of Bass Pro Shops Grand Openings in Rossford, OH from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. The new Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World is located at the Crossroads of America, at the intersection of the nation’s longest north/south interstate, Interstate 75 and east/west interstate, the Ohio Turnpike 80/90. […]

Jeanette is proud to announce the official launch of her new online store

Jeanette is proud to announce the official launch of her new online store. The Black Widow ‘s online store is completely stocked with some of Lee’s signature merchandise including posters, photos, billiards equipment and memorabilia. Click here to view all the merchandise available.

First event of the year

Wow have I been depressed. No holding back, I can admit, I’ve been really depressed. I worked so hard these last couple months, just to come to the first WPBA and have the worst finish in my career. I went two and out. I lost 9-8, and 9-8, just dogged my brains out. To be fair, I have been traveling waaaay too much internationally and coast to coast. Jet lag really affected me. I also have been changing certain aspect of my game to give me more consistency but it just wasn’t solid enough yet. I beleive in continuing to […]

Game Upgrade: Jeanette Lee Gets Spotlight in Revamped

Game Upgrade: Jeanette Lee Gets Spotlight in Revamped

As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, Billiards Digest will unveil its redesigned, revamped and enhanced website on Wednesday, April 2 — featuring new sections for tips and instruction, videos from the greatest matches of the last 30 years, and greater exposure for its popular “Dear Jeanette” advice column penned by pool superstar Jeanette Lee. “Jeanette’s column is one of the staples of our magazine, so we knew we wanted to make it a centerpiece of our redesigned Web site,” said Mason King, managing editor of Billiards Digest. In the column, Lee dispenses wit and wisdom on a wide range […]

5 more weeks till the Worlds

Wow, I’m kind of getting excited. I haven’t been to the World Championships in a few years. Several reasons. I had a tough schedule, financially, the prize money is weak, the long trip is hard on my body and most importantly, I felt unprepared to win. This time is different. I’ve been practicing more than ever. I have to really sacrifice time with friends and family, shopping, and alot of the charity work that I normally used to say Yes to. I still do plenty, but not as much as before. Now, I just go to the gym, work in […]

Training like Crazy

I’ve really happy. I started making this effort to really get my game back in top form which it hasn’t been in years. My priority has been being a good wife and mother, and of course, making a living and promoting pool. All the while, I have been sadder and sadder, going to each tournament unprepared. Of course, I still do well in events, but I always wonder, what if…..what if I gave these girls my real game. What if I trained like I’m supposed to? Well, time goes on and years are passing and it’s time I want another […]

It’s a new year!

Wow. So here we are. A new year! What’s different? Well, so many things. I have a fantastic new website that I’m very proud of. I was smart enough to get Jessica Kim to be my project manager and on her suggestion, Owen Mundy to design it. Wow. Better than I could have wished for. And it will continue to get better. I have my old coach Bob Carman back. He and I are going to give it one final real effort at being number one again. What’s it going to take? Well, I’ve never really lacked in knowledge, or […]

Billiards Start-Up Wins Big By Signing Renown Billiard Superstar Jeanette Lee, “The Black Widow”

How Do You Lock Up the Biggest Star in Pool? Present a Unique and Bold Vision Complementary to Lee’s Own Competitive Spirit. Albuquerque, NM – (December 13, 2007) – Billiards newcomer, LiquidWick Pool Cues, an emerging cue manufacturing and media promotion powerhouse, announced today that it has signed world billiard star Jeanette Lee “The Black Widow” to a multi-year contract. “LiquidWick and Jeanette Lee make a great match because we share the same competitive spirit. ‘The Black Widow’ gets her name from her ability to devour the competition. LiquidWick has a vision and plan to do the same,” said Rich […]

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