Dancing my Life Away!

Dancing my Life Away!

Dancing my Life Away!

I finally get to share my news with you.  I’m in Korea to participate in Dancing with the Stars. What an opportunity!  I know what you’re thinking!  “How can you do it,  Jeanette?!!” I know!  I can’t bend to either side or backwards,  I can bend forward but with no arch, so I can’t do a body wave….I have so many medical issues… but still!  I have heart!  I will try my best!  I told them my physical condition.  They are still willing to have me.  Thats all I need to know.

Did you know professional dance lessons was on my bucket list? I always thought it was so beautiful and fun. Some friends are saying, “You can’t do this!  You’re crazy!  You could get hurt!”

YES, I COULD!  You know what?  I could get hurt doing anything.  If I let my fear of failure or injury stop me from things,  I would never be a world champion or experience so many of the incredible things I have gotten to enjoy. Sometimes, MOST of the time, actually,  it’s very hard work,  sometimes painful.  Sometimes,  things don’t work out well in my favor. But in the end,  I have lived my life with no regrets, instead staying on my couch in my robe complaining about how much my back and body hurts, letting people feel sorry for me.

Please don’t tell me I could fail. I’m 41 years old. I already know I could fail. But let me find out if, just maybe,  I could be great!  No matter how hard this will be, I will enjoy the journey.

If you live by fear,  you will always be the one watching others really live.  True courage is walking forward in the face of fear, not the absence of it.

If you compete only to win or lose, ultimately,  you will surely have your share of losses. But if you also do it to experience and enjoy the journey, then you never ever lose. You will always gain something. No matter how I do in this competition,  TRUST ME! I have already WON before I have even begun.  I am so happy to get this chance. The chance to learn something new, in the face of all obstacles,  a chance to grow as a human being,  and a chance to inspire. Of course I’m afraid I’ll get hurt! Of course I might be a terrible dancer and humiliate myself!  No regrets! Atleast I have the courage to find out instead of letting my body and my fear determine what my future is. Let’s Go! Fighting!  To the end!

I’ll blog as often as I can and post photos.

Please stay in touch!  I’ll also talk to you guys on my Facebook Fan Page /jeanetteleetheblackwidow


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