Finally doing better! Staying in Indiana

Finally doing better! Staying in Indiana

Wow, it feels so great to be in the finals. 2nd place at the Carolina Classic. I can say that Jasmine Ouschan from Austria really did play well. She is a fine player and deserved to win. I really felt comfortable at the table but when the match started, I made a careless error and she made me pay for it. The balls didn’t break well for me so I didn’t get a lot of opportunities whereas, Jasmine, broke great and the balls laid well for her! Oh well, at least I had a great tournament! I played well all week, stayed focus and very importantly, my husband George was there with me. As always, my daughter Cheyenne was there and my good friend and Teacher’s Pet, John Da Babe Rousseau, and my old friend Dave Parry who lives here locally. What great fun! I just LOVE Raleigh and was happy to spend more time in Durham which was a wonderful community. If I had a great opportunity to move here, I would. BTW, we have decided to stay in Indy a while longer. We are still working on opening a club in Orlando, but we don’t want to take the kids out of school here and we both love our friends and family here so we figure why move until we have a place open. I love you all! Thanks for having my back! Jeanette

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