Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida

Hey guys! Wow, so I’ve had a better year, playing very well, but OH MY GOODNESS! If I don’t improve my break, I am going to drive myself crazy! I have lost in the last three events, PURELY because I didn’t pocket a single ball on the break the entire sets against my opponents that I lost to. The difference between their break and mine was embarrassing. I usually break well, and I’ve been playing well so when I break well, I tend to win. But my break simply isn’t consistent. Sometimes, when my timing is off, it can be pretty bad. I have, as you know, alot of physical problems that has prevented me from spending alot of time practicing the break. But, the bottom line is,if I want to win a tournament these days against the caliber that’s out there today, I need to break. If that means working out more, getting stronger, practicing mental imagery,whatever it takes…… Wish me luck and Happy Thanksgiving! I love you.

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