On the Way to the World Games

On the Way to the World Games

On the Way to the World Games

On my Avianca flight to Cali, I went to the bathroom and there was an older woman ahead of me.  She proceeded to speak to me quite quickly in Spanish, asking me if the bathroom was available.  I replied in Spanish.  “It is not.  Right now, the sign is red.  It is full.  But when it is green, it means you can enter.”  My spanish is quite limited…but I was thinking, How did I even manage that?  I took one year of spanish in the 8th grade.  Wasn’t even paying attention back then.  I was too busy feeling sorry for myself having recently had Scoliosis back surgery.  A little side note is that I also took 7 years of French, 4 semesters of Latin, 1 semester of German, 1 in Italian and four years of Korean. But of all those things, I think Latin taught me the most in terms of teaching me the root of the word, how words are built and is similar in all the Romance Languages.

As soon as I got off the plane, there were signs leading Athletes and Officials for theWorld Games to the proper places.  Very friendly faces everywhere.   Already so many people just hanging out in clothes that clearly represent their country.  I see a couple of USA Dance and Wall Ball competitors.  Dont’ even know them but so excited to see others from my country.  Heading out to the Accreditation Center to get all our badges and paperwork.

I spent the whole plane ride working on product licensing, brand designs, web design, upcoming APA Nationals, my upcoming Black Widow Experience, little ones upcoming birthdays….but now that I’m here. It’s so REAL!!!!  Forget all that other stuff!  I”m HERE!!!!!

I’m going to really really enjoy this HONOR to represent my country playing the sport I absolutely LOVE now and forever.  And best of all, I get to do it with my mom!  My hero!  She’s taking pictures as we drive by these sugar cane fields…like we don’t have those in the States…Well, They ARE Columbian Sugar Canes, after all!

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