Summer Kids Overnight Camp

Summer Kids Overnight Camp

Hey Everyone! So, I have this idea. I want to create a summer kids overnight camp. I know there are alot of young players, serious players who want to become pros. But once they get to a certain level, where do they go to learn from the pros? To get their inspiration? To learn the tricks of the trade from their very own role models? Right now….nowhere. So, I was thinking, if I could use my resources to create a camp, an affordable one, that will go in the summer and be for kids at atleast an intermediate level, who aspire to become pros, ….that would be so cool. I would have classes that work on advanced 8ball and 9ball strategies, careers in billiards, the mental game, financial management, marketing yourself, etc. Wouldn’t that be sooooo cool??? And if they can spend four days with the Black Widow and Johnny Archer and Allison Fisher and Mika Immonen? Ask them questions, play pool with them….I just gotta make it happen. Anyone have any ideas, want to be a sponsor, just email me off my site and title it “Kids Camp”. I’d love to hear from you. I have the perfect place! Love you guys!

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